Who we are?

Inaugurated on May 18, 2013, Casa do Galo was born to take the Portuguese tradition to those who visit us, praising two of the greatest symbols of Portugal around the world, Galo de Barcelos and Port Wine. In this old port wine warehouse renovated where the old and the reusable meet. Stone walls and wooden pallets merge and merge with high ceilings and renovated furniture from the 50’s, our visitors come to know the store’s icon, a Barcelos rooster handmade in clay executed by Irmãos Baraça (artisans) with 2 , 06 meters high. This is the largest handmade Barcelos cock in the world! And it is, immersed in this Portugal, that our visitors get intoxicated with the liquid of the Gods that is given to us by the vineyards of the Douro River that contemplate from our terrace! But we look forward to your visit as there are things that have to be experienced to be truly understood.

In Porto we are the reference in terms of eclectic tasting of Port Wines and table wines. “Casa do Galo” is currently a world reference in the tasting of more than 150 references of Port and table wines. Our highly trained employees in the wine area make Casa do Galo the only non-massified place where you can taste all (or almost all) the brands available on the market, all varieties and even slightly more exotic orders for more knowledgeable visitors.

Our online store was created so that we can accompany our visitors when they return to their home! Nothing like remembering a good time and so we are just a click away and you can relive the experience at your home! However, it is also possible to enjoy a little of our experience before visiting us, each bottle will be accompanied with an explanation of the wine in question with some suggestions on how to enjoy the wine you have chosen!

Our team

Caio Andrade de Oliveira

Caio Andrade de Oliveira - Store Manager

'I am the face of a highly specialized team in the sale and promotion of Wines at “Casa do Galo” - Wine tasting store, I have level 2 of the Wset course in Wines, a course with international recognition of the main varieties grown in the world and the different types of wines produced. I am in search of the best for excellent service and make our wine house a reference everywhere. I will be at your disposal for any clarification. Come and travel through the main vineyards in the world.' - Caio